College. Career. Community.

Our Mission

Frayser Community School’s mission is to prepare students in Memphis for success in college, career and their community.

We will achieve this by providing a rigorous academic program with embedded supports and an emphasis on discipline, character and service.

Our mission guides all school activities, including our college preparatory course sequence, our character and discipline program of DRIVE, our community service programs, our intensive approach to teacher development, and our emphasis on accountability. Every program and staff member’s role is designed to support the achievement of our mission.


0 %
90% of our high school students graduate
0 %
80% of our high school students are accepted into a college or university
0 %
80% of our students are eligible for Tennessee promise
$ -1.5 M
2017 high school graduation class received more than $1.5 million in scholarships


Through partnerships with local businesses, we are able to assist our students with the following career skills and options.

• Barbering • Culinary Arts • Cosmetology • Leadership Training


We create a high-achieving, college-focused culture in which students embrace the idea of college, grasp the value of positive community interactions, and internalize the habits of scholarship.

Our disciplined culture focused on accountability and results is built on our first priority, which is to establish a safe learning environment for our students. This is achieved by implementing a very structured school model, as well as establishing a code of academic and behavioral expectations that is system-wide and focuses on the details.

Students are explicitly taught the five foundational principles of the school – DRIVE – and are expected to uphold these core values both within the confines of the school and in their community. These values help instill in students the soft skills that must accompany academic skills in order for students to be successful in college and career.


In 2016 our students performed more than 1500 hours of community service.

Get Involved

Parent and volunteer involvement is critical in the development and sustainability of schools. That’s why we need your help!

At Frayser Community Schools, there are many ways that family and community members can participate and contribute, regardless of availability, skills or interests.

We have opportunities to volunteer in and outside of school. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please email

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