Students Recognized for Academic Excellence During Honor’s Brunch

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       More than sixty MLK scholars proved that hard work and dedication pay off, as they were recognized during the  Honor’s Brunch for the second nine weeks of the 2016-17 school year.
       “We decided when the school opened in year one that we would begin hosting these brunches to recognize all students who had worked hard to help change the stigma of the school environment and prove that our students do make a difference,” 12th grade guidance counselor Ria Horton said. “Most of the same students attend every time.  If they miss one they are guaranteed to be at the next one.”
      Horton admitted that the brunches serve as an incentive for some students to work harder to achieve academic success.
      “The first nine weeks’ Honor’s Brunch attendees is always low.  We usually have forty participants and it increases by twenty or more each nine weeks.  They love receiving the incentives and medallions for all A’s,” she said.
      Students who received all A’s during the nine weeks are known as King Scholars. During Tuesday’s ceremony, six students were awarded this highest honor. One of those students was 11th grader, Kiara Hibbler.
      “I always strive to get all A’s on my report card,” Hibbler said. “Because my future matters.”
      Prep Scholars are the students who received A’s and B’s on their most recent report card. There were 48 students recognized during the ceremony. In addition, six other students received awards for perfect attendance.
      “I always feel good about getting this award,” 9th grader Jamerion Morning said after receiving his Prep Scholar certificate. “I’ve gotten it both times since I started here at MLK.”
      The guest speaker, Jeromy Payne, also provided students with four points to ensure success. Payne, a school-based connector from Agape, advised students to be organized, accept new challenges, use their time wisely, and learn to talk it out.
      “In order for students to continue to grow and succeed, we must continue to recognize their positive efforts they are bestowing upon us each day,” Horton said. “We are reminded daily that the current population is our future and we must guarantee that they are prepared to take care of us like those that were before us.”
      The ceremony closed with remarks from MLK Principal, Kimberly Hopkins-Clark.

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