MLK Students Help Revitalize Their Community Through Art

 In FrayserCS, MLK Prep

A vacant apartment complex that was once considered an eyesore is now adorned with beautiful pieces of art, thanks to a group of visual arts students at MLK. The students are working with Community Capital and Memphis UrbanArt Commisision to revitalize the Pleasant View Apartments across the street from the school. Well-known Memphis artist, Arnold Thompson is guiding the project as students work multiple days throughout the week to decorate the buildings. An hourly wage is being provided to students through the partnership with Community Capital and the UrbanArt Commission.

“I’m excited for our kids because they’re taking pride in being a part of their community,” JoAnn Johnson, MLK’s Visual Arts instructor said. “We’ve also gained a lot of other opportunities by participating in this one.”

Johnson said that since students began working on the project, other community organizations have asked to partner up with the visual arts program, including the Memphis Heritage Trail.

Students are expected to complete the project by the end of October.

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