Teacher Talks: Teachers Are Excited About the 2017-18 School Year

 In FrayserCS, Humes, MLK Prep

Teachers at both MLK and HPA are excited about what’s to come for the 2017-18 school year. As we enter the third week of school, here’s what a few of our educators said they’re looking forward to this year.

Darryl James, Associate Band Director and Hall Monitor (MLK)

“I love that are students are already excited about extracurricular activities. I’m ready to see how students actively participate in the band, because we get a chance to see them take ownership of a craft that no one can take from them.



Kimberly Hardy, Theater (HPA)

“I’m looking forward to building relationships with my scholars and their families. I hope to help them make academic gains and develop deeper connections within the community.”



Alison Steferak, Biology and Environmental Science (MLK)

“I’m a first year teacher, so it’s been exciting for me to see the energy and enthusiasm my students have for learning. I’m most excited about the events we’ll have here at MLK College Prep. I didn’t go to a traditional high school, so I look forward to assisting in as many things as possible.”

Chyzz Walters, Algebra I and Assistant Football Coach (MLK)

“So far this school year has been great. It’s good getting to know the students. I really look forward to the growth in our kids. As a first year teacher at MLK, I am already loving the school’s environment. It’s very family-oriented and reminds me of my high school.”


Aaron Burke, Spanish I and Baseball Coach (MLK)

“I’m really looking forward to building relationships with my group of kids. I’m also excited to build their capacity in Spanish and see their growth. I really hope the students fall in love with the content.”



Mahalia Davis, 6th grade Social Studies (HPA)

“I’m excited about working with the community to make sure our kids are college, career, and community ready. It’s exciting to know that I can work with the kids and we can give back to the community.”


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