Our Approach

Our educational model holds all students and stakeholders accountable and reflects the following:

  • Rigorous academics and extensive, differentiated support
  • Academies with unique programming and designated leadership
  • Extended instructional and professional development time
  • Disciplined culture of achievement, character, and respect
  • College and career focus and preparation
  • Community and service learning
  • Parent and community partnerships

Humes Preparatory Academy is a neighborhood school that prepares students for success in college, career, and their community by providing a rigorous academic program with embedded supports and an emphasis on discipline, character, and service.

HPA offers: 

  • One-to-one technology model
  • Rigorous curriculum anchored in science, technology, literacy, and math
  • Performing arts enrichment programs
  • Offering all major sports

Humes Prep’s mentality will be based on the principles of DRIVE: Discipline, Responsibility, Integrity, Vision, and Effort – which will permeate all aspects of the school from academics to extra-curricular activities.

  • Discipline: Students will adhere to the code of conduct, demonstrate respect, and make good decisions.
  • Responsibility: Students will take ownership of their academics and decision-making.
  • Integrity: Students will uphold positive, honest, and professional behavior in all aspects of their school life, including academic performance, interactions with faculty and peers, and during extracurricular activities.
  • Vision: Students will have a vision for their future-of the possibilities that are available to them as a result of their academic diligence- and will use this vision to guide their choices.
  • Effort: Students will commit to excellence and will put forth the highest degree of effort needed to complete tasks and achieve.

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