The MLK Social Justice Initiative

“When I say antiracist education, I am talking about equipping students, parents, and teachers with the tools needed to combat racism and ethnic discrimination, and to find ways to build a society that includes all people on an equal footing.” – -ENID LEE

About the Initiative

The MLK Social Justice Project prepares students to be advocates in their schools and communities.

While there is much to do when it comes to tackling racism in schools, FCS has created a comprehensive plan that focuses heavily on three areas:

Black students are more likely to get suspended than white students. What has been called the “school-to-prison pipeline” often starts in the principal’s office and ends in prison, with school suspensions increasing the risk that black boys, in particular, end up incarcerated or drop out of school. FCS will ensure that we focus on “restorative practices,” instead of “punitive practices.” This includes our new “no expulsions” policy- this will ensure that students are not suspended for minor infractions.

Parents are vital to student success. Despite this, many schools have failed at gaining the trust and providing a level of hospitality to black families. Our schools will be intentional in creating spaces for parents to feel welcomed, while also providing them with the resources needed to become advocates in their child’s education.

In a trauma-informed school, the adults within the school community are prepared to recognize and respond to students who have been impacted by traumatic stress. Our schools will implement a layered approach to create an environment with clear behavior expectations for everyone, open communication, and sensitivity to the feelings and emotions of others. This includes the hiring of a restorative justice specialist and enlisting community partners focused specifically on Adverse Childhood Experiences.

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Students & Advocacy

We believe that students should be advocates in their schools and communities. The MLK Social Justice Initiative is a committee of students committed to promoting diversity