Students Dress for Success With Humes “Necktie Tuesdays”

On Tuesdays at Humes Middle School, when you walk through the door, you’ll see a rack filled with buttoned-down dress shirts and neckties next to it. The shirts are on display to encourage students to change their attire for just one day a week. Instead of the usual casual shirts, students wear dress shirts and ties.

Humes 8th grader Alleon Bonden said wearing his dress shirt and tie makes him feel like he “has a job.”

This is one of the many feelings that Humes’ principal, Dr. Marcus Matthews wanted his students to feel every time they put on one of the shirts and ties.

“The young men feel differently when they dress up,” said Matthews. “There’s a sense of achievement. There’s a sense of pride.”

Larry Junious, Humes 8th grader, agrees with Matthews.

“I feel confident,” Junious said. “I feel like I’m getting ready for the future.”

Humes students are not only able to come in every Tuesday morning to pick up a shirt and tie before class starts, but also keep them both so they can have something to wear for the next Tuesday.

“Dressing up is step one,” Matthews explained. “It moves you towards something: being a model student.”

If you would like to contribute to the Humes Shirt and Tie Closet, contact Marcus Matthews at