MLK Student Athlete Breaks Decade Old Scoring Record 

MLK College Prep student, Terick White, breaks a decade-old scoring record and becomes the newest leading scorer in FCS history.

“I wasn’t really feeling at my best at first,” said Terick White before last week’s game against Memphis Rise. “Before the game, one of my teammates told me he couldn’t play anymore, and he told me to do it for him, and I did.”

During that game, White not only played for his former teammate, but he also became an MLK College Prep legend. White broke the decade-old scoring record from the ’80s by scoring 56 points in one game.

“I was shocked,” said White. “Mainly because this is the first time anyone has scored that many points in like 30 years. And for something like that to happen is significant for our school. And the moment was amazing.”

But last week’s game wasn’t just the turning point for White. Leading up to his record-breaking performance, White scored a combined ninety-nine points in a two-game span.

“He has been in a rhythm these past few games. So, I knew he would be on edge going into the game,” said Assistant Coach Kris Brewer. “Before it even happened, I took him out of the game. At that moment, he had already hit 50 points. But someone came over and said he needed five more points. So, I had to find him on the bench and get him in, and that’s when it happened.”

White says that not only seeing his team’s excitement made the moment worthwhile but knowing that he has such great teammates and that they support him in those moments makes everything worth it even more.

“For me, it’s not about breaking records or being known for doing this or that. Was it a goal of mine…no? But I have it now, and even after that, I want to continue playing ball.”

After school, White plans on continuing his education and basketball career at Duke University. It has been a dream of his since the age of four.