Their Voices Matter: Frayser Community Schools parents join together to stand for students

At Frayser Community Schools, it is important for parents to be involved in their children’s academic success. FCS Parent Advisory Council (PAC) not only gives that opportunity but also the chance to be a voice for other children.“We have to take accountability because we are our children’s first teacher,” said Carla Tolbert, MLK Prep parent.

For Tolbert, PAC is important because she believes if we don’t stand for our children, then nobody else will. Tolbert isn’t alone in this belief. Parents from Westside and Humes Middle Schools are present on the council to make sure the voices of their children are represented as well.

“Being a parent advocate to me means that I get to voice for other children and mine that need that voice in their educational futures,” said Leslie Harwell, Westside Middle School parent.

PAC allows and supports parents to become leaders, advocates and partners in their children’s education.Star Thompson is a parent who wanted to be a voice for the children at Humes Middle School.

“We want them to hear and abide by us but they have a voice and their voice matters,” Thompson said.  Are you ready to use your voice?Parents involved with PAC can:

  • Advocate for parents and their interests in the schools.
  • Provide feedback and insight from the parent perspective on school processes, policies and initiatives to ensure the needs of families are included as decisions are being made in the network.
  • Serve as advisors to network leadership, make recommendations and facilitate strategies to help improve the educational outcome for all FCS students.
  • Serve as an ambassador for FCS on education matters.

FCS Parent Advisory Council holds monthly meetings.If interested in joining PAC, email Theodore King at

Let’s work together to be the voice for children in the Frayser community.