FCS celebrates the 2021-2022 school year

We’ve made it to the finish line of the 2021-2022 school year.

Frayser Community Schools is grateful that our families chose us for the important assignment of educating your children.

On the last day of this school year, let’s recap a few moments from the year!

This school year was the first full school year back in the building since COVID-19 plagued our community. Reaclimating into the building came with many challenges for parents, students, and teachers.

Miracle Coleman is a Westside Middle School student who dared to share her story. Before the pandemic, Miracle considered herself a social butterfly.

Since Miracle transitioned back into the building, she noticed a few changes in herself. Miracle said now she no longer likes being around people and prefers to be by herself like she was when she learned virtually.

She added that she saw a change in her grades as well.

Virtual learning took away her ability to interact with her teacher on the level that she felt she needed.

Her grades increased in her first full year back in a classroom, although it’s still not where she wants them.

Miracle is committed to ensuring her eighth-grade year is successful!  

There are many more students like Miracle throughout FCS. With the support of parents, teachers, and the many community partners who shared their resources, we began to address the new social anxieties and learning loss that COVID-19 introduced through restorative practice programs and offered an increased amount of tutoring through after-school and Saturday school sessions.

Humes’s teacher works to educate her students.

FCS teachers continued their efforts to impart knowledge to the minds of students.

For Kimberly Saunders, she has a significant memory that stood out to her when reminiscing on the school year.

Saunders’ favorite memory was helping change students’ mindsets about attending school.

A student in Saunders’ class felt comfortable enough to confide in her that he contemplated dropping out of school. Along with the principal, Saunders convinced the child to stay in school.

Instead of dropping out, he tried hard in his work and kept attending class.

The student received his first A in his school career!

The work doesn’t end this school year. Just like Saunders, FCS is dedicated to encouraging our scholars to continue the fight for their education.

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FCS students participated in many extracurricular activities that enhanced their abilities during the school year.

MLK College Prep sent a student-athlete to the TSSAA State Track Championship.

Lameria Hampton finished in fifth place and came back with a medal!

Over at Westside Middle School, Mya White stepped to the podium also. White placed 5th at the state championship out of 16 participants!

Mya White placed 5th at the track state championship out of 16 participants.

Westside also celebrated a successful girls’ volleyball season. The team went undefeated during the regular season and impressed many during their stint in the tournament.

Humes Middle School experienced success during its boys’ basketball and football seasons.

There is one category that nobody could beat Humes, which is giving.

Humes cheerfully donated a massive amount of canned goods and turkeys during the holidays. They also frequently held Humes Soulfood Kitchen, giving food to the community.

Thank you, students and parents, for a successful 2021-2022 school year.

We look forward to educating your scholar next school year.

Enjoy your summer break!